Even with arecord that began with 21 straight victories, The Undertaker can no longer claim his "WrestleMania" undefeated streak. His scheduled opponent for "WrestleMania 32," however, can make that claim. He hasn't even made an appearance since "WrestleMania 23," but Shane McMahon has some experience of his own. Just like The Phenom will be suiting up for his 24th "WrestleMania" compared to Shane's third, Taker has battled inside the ominous Hell In A Cell a total of 13 times already. Shane's only experienced the Cell once.

On paper, it would seem like Shane McMahon has no chance. He's never been a full-time wrestler.

He's been away from the Wrestling industry for nearly a decade. He's not even a professional athlete. With his entire future at stake against The Dead Man, does Shane McMahon even have a prayer when it comes to his match in Dallas on April 3?

What follows is one part of a series of "WrestleManiaRésumé" articles in which we take a look at a current or former WWE Superstar's history at"WrestleMania" (such as The Undertaker, The Rock, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollinsand the WWE Divas Champion), and what it might tell us about that (or a similar) competitor at "WrestleMania 32" in Dallas.

'WrestleMania' record

Shane McMahon is undefeated at "WrestleMania" in terms of in-ring competition. At "WrestleMania 15" with Test in his corner, Shane successfully defended the WWF European Championship against X-Pac.

Two years later, at "WrestleMania 17," Shane-O-Mac defeated Vince McMahon (who was accompanied by Stephanie) in a Street Fight.

He was less successful in a non-wrestling capacity. He backed Big Show at "WrestleMania 16" in the Four-Way Elimination Match for the WWF Championship, and Show was the first man eliminated.

Shane was in his father's corner at "WrestleMania 23" and even tried to get involved, but the Donald Trump/Umaga team (withStone Coldas the referee) was just too much and Team McMahon lost.

Title matches

When Shane defeated X-Pac at "WrestleMania 15," the WWF European Championship was on the line. That now-defunct belt pales in comparison to what's at stake this year: control over the entire company.

No championships are on the line, but the title of "boss" sure is.

Main event matches

Because The Undertaker is involved, Shane's match is probably considered part of a "triple main event" at this year's "WrestleMania."While WWE likes to advertise double or even triple main events at"WrestleMania," the true honor goes to the match that happens last.

Shane was in Big Show's corner during the "WrestleMania 2000" main event, but that's likely the closest Shane will ever get to truly main eventing "WrestleMania."

Worthy competition

Shane's two opponents at "WrestleMania" aren't exactly in-ring legends. While it could certainly be argued that Vince McMahon is the most important person in the history of WWE (or even professional wrestling as a whole), he's not going to receive a Slammy for best in-ring performance.

Meanwhile, when a wrestler starts to garner "X-Pac heat," it doesn't mean that he's doing a good job of being a heel.

But when it comes to "WrestleMania," there's no more worthy opponent than The Undertaker.

'WrestleMania' moment(s)

While the heartwarming shot of Vince, Shane and son Declan that opened "WrestleMania 25" may hold a special place in his heart, you've got to believe that Shane's "WrestleMania Moment" came when he defeated his father in a Street Fight.

Predictions for 'WrestleMania 32'

The outcome for Shane McMahon vs.

The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell Match at "WrestleMania 32" is a difficult one to predict. If The Undertaker gets a clear and clean victory over Shane, then it seems like a wasted opponent during one of Taker's last appearances. At the same time, it seems improbable that they would further tarnish Taker's record just to further a Shane-centric storyline. I think Shane somehow leaves with a win after taking a horrendous beating.

"WrestleMania 32" airs live on the WWE Network on April 3.

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