Last year, as Roman Reigns challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at "WrestleMania," the WWE pulled an audible when they realized the crowd wasn't taking to The Big Dog and let Seth Rollins steal the spotlight. A year later, has the WWE Universe warmed up to Roman Reigns enough that they will be anxiously awaiting the "WrestleMania 32" main event? Or will they feel like it's a let-down after Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn?

Roman Reigns will be making just his fourth appearance at "WrestleMania" when he arrives in Dallas on April 3. His opponent, the Cerebral Assassin, has been to the dance 19 times already.

Although he's only been given one chance, Reigns has not proven that he can win the main event of "Mania" or that he can leave with the biggest prize in the game. Triple H, on the other hand, has won the final "WrestleMania" match three times in the past, and has left with the WWE's most prestigious gold on three occasions. Will Reigns be able to step up his game this year?

What follows is one part of a series of "WrestleMania Résumé" articlesin which we take a look at a current or former WWE Superstar's history at"WrestleMania" (such as The Undertaker, Triple H, Shane McMahon, The Rock, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollinsand the WWE Divas Champion), and what it might tell us about that (or a similar) competitor at "WrestleMania 32" in Dallas.

"WrestleMania" record

With just three years of "WrestleMania" experience, Reigns' overall record is 2-1. However, both of those wins came as a part of The Shield. Left to his own devices as a singles competitor, Reigns was unable to win the impromptu Triple Threat Match that Rollins unleashed after The Big Dog had been dealing with The Beast Incarnate for almost 15minutes.

As far as the record books will show, Reigns was the one who took the fall in his singles match, and he didn't score the pin for either of The Shied's victories.

Title matches

It can be argued thatReigns may have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship had Rollins never been involved, but the fact of the matter is this: Roman Reigns earned a title match at "WrestleMania 31" and couldn't pull it off.

Will he have more success when all that he's dealing with is Triple H instead of both Lesnar and an uninvited Rollins?

Main event matches

Even if the match doesn't go on last, Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is being billed as part of this year's triple main event. And while the WWE has tried to sell double or triple main events in the past,thetrue honor goes to the match that happens last. To his credit, how many guys in the history of the WWE have headlined "WrestleMania" just three years into their career? He couldn't make it happen last year; will he do better in 2016?

Worthy competition

Everyone that Roman Reigns has ever competed against at "WrestleMania" are future inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame: Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Kane, New Age Outlaws, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins.

Adding Triple H to that list only helps solidify the fact that Roman Reigns is a serious player in the WWE Universe.

'WrestleMania' moment(s)

Roman Reigns is still waiting for his "WrestleMania Moment." While the victories at "WrestleMania 29" and "WrestleMania 30" as part of the The Shield were big wins in big matches, it pales in comparison to what Seth Rollins experienced at the end of "WrestleMania 31." Roman's moment has yet to come.

Predictions for 'WrestleMania 32'

Seth Rollins had the highlight of his career in San Francisco last year.

With Dean Ambrose about a year away from being ready for the "WrestleMania" main event, I think the stars are going to align so that Reigns gets his moment this year, while The Lunatic Fringe comes in to his own in April of 2017. In a hard-fought match --with a possible assist from his cousin The Rock--Roman Reigns leaves "WrestleMania 32" as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

"WrestleMania 32" airs live on the WWE Network on April 3.

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