Despite the fact that the title was created in 2008, the WWE Divas Championship has only been defended at "WrestleMania" on one occasion.Seven "Manias" have passed since the inception of the title, and the champion wasn't even on the card for two of those years.

With a new breed of Diva taking over the division in WWE, there's every reason to believe that Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch will be the best Divas/Women's match in "WrestleMania" history —and almost certainly the best female match since the belt was created.

What follows is just one part of a series of articles in which we take a look at a current or former WWE Superstars' (such as Daniel Bryan, The Rock or The Undertaker) history at "WrestleMania,"and what it might tell us about that (or a similar) competitors at "WrestleMania 32"in Dallas.

Since none of the competitors in this year's WWE Divas Championship Match have ever competed at "Mania," this article will look at the history of the WWE Divas Champion's role at the event rather than a specific wrestler's "WrestleManiaRésumé."

'WrestleMania' record

Of the five matches that the WWE Divas Champion has competed in at "Mania," the title-holder has only won twice. Maryse was the champ at "WM26," where she teamed up with four other Divas (the Women's Champion Michelle McCool among them) to win a 10-Divas Tag Team Match.

At "WM30," AJ successfully defended the title in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational Battle Royal against 13 other WWE Divas.

At "WrestleMania 25," Maryse was part of a 25-Divas Battle Royal (non-title) in which she was eliminated in the middle of the pack (14th woman eliminated). At "WM28," champion Beth Phoenix teamed up with Eve Torres and lost to Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos.

At last year's event, AJ Lee and Paige teamed up to defeat The Bella Twins while Nikki was the champion.

Title matches

"WrestleMania 30" was the one and only time the WWE Divas Championship was on the line atMania. As Vickie wanted AJ to lose the title, she forced her to defend it in a battle royal against almost every other woman on the roster.

Technically-speaking, the WWE Divas Champion has never lost the title at "Mania."

The now-defunct WWE Women's Championship was defended a total of 11 times between the first "WrestleMania" and "WM23." The champion wonseven of those time, dropping the title just four times out of eleven.

Main event matches

While WWE likes to advertise double or even triple main events at "WrestleMania," the true main event honor goes to the match that happens last. If "Mania"ever closes with a WWE Divas Match, it will mean the entire industry has changed.

However, billingas part of a double or triple main event could happen in the next decade, assuming the women's division continues to grow.

Worthy competition

The Triple Threat Match at "WrestleMania 32" will be the first time the WWE Divas Champion has competed in a match that involved less than four people. Between two battle royals and three tag team matches, the champion's opponents at "Mania" have run the spectrum, from top-tier athletes like Beth Phoenix and Natalya to such "competitors" as Santina Marella and Maria Menounos.

'WrestleMania' moment(s)

In all honesty, there haven't been many great moments for the WWE Divas Champion at "WrestleMania." Last year, the Divas Champion lost in a tag match.

Every other Divas Champion appearance at "Mania"has been part of a gimmick match meant to provide a spot for as many WWE Divas as possible, or as a part of a celebrity-centered match.

That being said, the best "WrestleMania Moment" for a WWE Divas Champion was probably the one year AJ Lee defended the title against 13 opponents and won.

Predictions for 'WrestleMania 32'

There's no useful history to draw upon to make a prediction for the WWE Divas Championship atWM32. Look for Sasha Banks to take home the gold —and then talk about her "WrestleMania Moment" for at least a month afterwards.

"WrestleMania 32" airs live on the WWE Network on April 3rd.

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