We love and admire our Tennis and golf stars, but do we really believe they should be paid the amount of money they get through earnings and sponsorships?

Take Roger Federer, for example, he earned approximately $56.2 million in 2015. A staggering $52million of that was for endorsements.

Taking into consideration that he has been at the top of his game for well over ten years, Rodger is universally admired by most sports fan and even non-sports fan for his sportsmanship.

Let’s take a short chip over to golf and look at Tiger Woods.

Similar to Rodger, Woods was at the top for many years and was the world leading earner for all sportspeople from 2002 to 2013.

His career earnings could keep a medium sized country in the black.

It is astonishing if we then take a look at what a social worker gets paid in the homelessness sector.

In the US a social worker earns approximately $51k.

In comparison a tennis player, for example, could still earn an impressive $165k if they were knocked out of the first round of all four Grand Slam tournaments.

This is over 3 times more than the social worker’s yearly wage. But would it be cynical to say they earned this money in four days because we know the training and the discipline that is attached to professional tennis.

It is even more interesting to look at women’s earnings and how women tennis players dominate the top ten positions on the money-earning list.

Maria Sharapova was leading the way, amassing nearly $30m in 2015. Now, she has admitted to using a banned substance, one hopes she’s put something away for a rainy day.

Stacey Lewis, a professional golfer, earned over $6m with $4m of that being in endorsements.

Topping the ten professional sportswomen were a UFC fighter, NASCAR driver and the aforementioned, Stacey Lewis.

But not all athletes keep to a bone-snapping physical regime with the fitness of some golfers coming under question.

John Daley, Phil Mickelson, Angel Cabrera, who made the Sportster Top 20 Current Athletes, seem to be out of shape.

You would think they could afford a personal trainer.

Another hole-in-one or ace for golfers and tennis players is the long time they have to play their sport compared to NFL and NBA –WNBA players who only last 3.5 years and 2.1 years respectively.

So does this article make you want to run out and buy your child a tennis racquet or golf clubs?

If you are considering it; here is a little incentive.

The top ten earners for tennis and golfer in 2015 are:

1. Tiger Woods earns $61m

2. Rodger Federer earns $56m

3. Phil Mickelson earns $53m

4. Rafael Nadal earns $44.5m

5. Novak Djokovic earns $33m

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