When it comes to Tennis, Roger Federer’s name has becomesynonymouswith the sport. For over a decade, the Swiss player has brought the idea of tennis to a whole new level. His performances on the tennis court are outstanding. Many have thus wondered over the past years what it was that still motivates him, namely what's been behind his inexhaustible appetite for winning?

The ATP circuit has no more secrets for Federer

Ever since 2003, the year of his first triumph in a Grand Slam tournament (at the 2003 Wimbledon edition), Federer managed to elucidate all the mysteries of the men’s professional tennis circuit.

On various occasions he was victorious in all major tournaments: he won the Wimbledon 7 times, the US Open 5 consecutive times, the Australian Open 4 times, and he also won the Rolland Garros once. He additionally competed in another 10 Grand Slam finals where he was defeated. Federer has an “abundant harvest” when it comes to tournaments in the Masters Series category, having won 24 out of the 40 finals he attended.However, among these overwhelming numbers, the career of the Swiss star still has one significant shortcoming: the Olympic gold medal in the men`s single contest.

Federer’s last wish

As it is already known, Federer is recovering from his knee surgery. Before the unfortunate event he had announced his schedule for this season.

It’s obvious that the Olympic Games in Rio are his main goal. His breaks from the clay court, a necessity at his age of 34, are undoubtedly part of his strategy. In light of the new event, Federer adjusted his schedule and he’ll compete in one more clay tournament, the Monte Carlo, in addition to the initially scheduled ones.

It would be completely illogical not to consider this new situation. It’s well known that the pace of playing is the most affected by injuries. And here are the big questions: will Federer manage to adapt to the new situation? Will he be ready to sustain the increased physical effort which he needs in order to stand an actual chance of winning the Olympic gold medal?

The answer to all these questions will be partially visible in April when the Swiss player returns to the ATP circuit.

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