The Masters 1000 tournament held at the Indian Wells complex in California has an extremely loaded history. Over time, legendary names in the history of the ATP circuit have faced one another on the Tennis courts inside this complex. The tour, founded in 1974, takes place in a desert area over 120 miles away from Los Angeles. 9 years ago, in 2007, the final of the men’s single contest had Rafael Nadaland Novak Djokovic facing each other.Also, the tournament in the Californian desert is the first of the season in the Masters 1000 category.

The beginning of a great rivalry

It was the second time the two tennis stars left their mark on this sport over the last decade.

Their first encounter had occurred the previous year, in 2006, in the Roland Garros quarterfinals. Rafael Nadal, who at the time was striving to get the second Grand Slam trophy in his career, dominated the Parisian clay court.

In the 2007 Indian Wells final, Rafael Nadal (ATP No. 2 at that time) defeated Novak Djokovic (ATP No. 12) in two sets which the Spanish tennis player controlled for the most part. Following a first set dominated 6-2 by Nadal, Djokovic improved his game level, yet it wasn’t enough to overpower the Spanish player. The second set was won by Nadal 7-5.

That match meant a lot to both players: for Nadal it stood as the first major triumph in the 2007 season, and Djokovic made it to the ATP top 10 for the first time due to the ATP points he earned.

The two tennis players were announced to meet again in the near future during a very important match. At the very following tournament, namely the one held in Miami, also aMasters 1000 event,Nadal played against Djokovic in the quarterfinals. This time, in spite of Nadal’s great efforts, Djokovic dominated the match by winning in two sets 6-3 6-4.

The rest is already well known. Up until now the two have played against each other on47 different occasions in the ATP circuit. When it comes to the number of victories, Djokovic has a slight advantage 24-23. Yet what is more important is that the two have throughout the last 10 years put in a series of outstanding matches, genuine demonstrations of mastery and talent.

The rivalry between the two is beyond any doubt among the rivalries that marked the history of the ATP circuit.

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