Wardell Curry, II is his name. He also goes by, 'Steph.'

If my name were Wardell, I'd probably want to be called something different, also. Just saying.

I am really glad my parents named me, 'Bill.' It's what everyone calls me. Imagine if my name were Francis and people said, "Hey, Bill!" I wouldn't know they were talking about me.

What Ever Happened to Junior?

Curry, II? We used to call the second in line behind dad, 'junior.' I wonder when that changed. I have a grand nephew who is the IV. My brother had two sons from two different women (that happens you know). He wanted to give each son the same name and call them III and IV.

It took us forever to tell him that wasn't how it worked. I love my brother but he never won awards at school. But boy was he good with his hands. Curry II is good with his hands, too ...when they are touching, not touching, touching, not touching, launching a ball.

Curry II, Wardell, Steph can shoot the ball from the locker room if need be. I heard they may come up with a 4-point line just for him.

Announcer calls it.

"Score is 114-110. The Warriors are gonna lose their last game of the year and end up 81-1. Curry shoots from the opponent's foul line! It's in for 4 points. And, he's fouled, too! He sinks it for a 5-point play and the Warriors go undefeated for the year!!"

How do you follow up on something as amazing as that?

From the startup capital of the world, really, we think that about ourselves in Silicon Valley, Curry II and some Nike buddy of his has ponied up $900K and hired 5 people to launch a new social media platform to connect athletes and Celebrities with their fans.

The name of the platform is Slyce. They can't get any golfers to join.

I think DroppedBall was available but they opted to not use it.

80% of All Twitter Activity is Created by Celebrities

Some 80% of all activity on Twitter is centered around less than 20% of its users. Celebrities get the majority of engagement on social platforms.

It's a good move on Curry II's part.

He knows what will work best for the 20%.

He got the idea to create the platform because he didn't have enough time to spend on the existing social networks. Either he had to let his performance suffer or give up engagement with fans. We know where he decided to spend his time.

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