The undisputed leader of the ATP rankings offered in the Indian Wellsfinal a new lesson of perfect, or as some might put it, even too perfect Tennis. The Serbian tennis machinery once again proved the ones who object to his merits that they were absolutely wrong.

The Californian Masters final was expected to be a little more balanced. On the other side of the net there was Milos Raonic 12 ATP, a player who for some years has been struggling to reach his performance peak at major tournaments. Raonic dramatically lost the Australian Open semifinal to Andy Murray because of an injury.

The lack of physical vigor in the final against Djokovic seems to have been one of the key elements leading to the humiliation suffered by the Canadian player.

A match like a demonstration of completeness

The first set of the final was more balanced than the score might suggest. The Serbian player dominated 6-2, but Raonic looked like he could do better. However the second set was a real disaster to Milos Raonic. Making the most of the Canadian player’s insecure game, Djokovic turned into a true predator. The outcome was stunning, since the score of the second set was 6-0.

Thus the Serbian added his 5th Californian trophy to his record. There he had previously won back in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2015. On the other hand, the Canadian missed out on his chance to add his first trophy from the Masters 1000 category to the record.

Djokovic is like a typhoon

In 2016 Serbian tennis player only gave up one match in the ATP circuit, and that was because of an eye infection.

In these circumstances, is there anyone capable of threatening his reign over the ATP circuit in the near future?

It is enough to watch one of his games to realize that we are dealing with a superhuman. His physical endurance is downright stunning.

At a close look at top 30 or even 50, it is obvious that there is nobody capable of challenging his crown anytime soon.

Still, an injury suffered by the Serbian player could change the entire situation

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