Romanian Tennis player Simona Halep, 24, finally managed to leave the disastrous start of the seasonbehind. After displaying a hesitating game, full of unforced errors and a constant lack of self-confidence in the first part of the season, Simona Halep rediscovers herself on the American hard court. Although her game is still below the level of the previous years, there are visible signs of improvement.

Qualification in Miami stands as a confirmation

The match in the 3rd round of the Premier tournament in Miami really was an intermediate test. Simona’s opponent was Julia Georges WTA No.66, a real doubles player, who has a fantastic set of qualities.

The strong right forehand shot, but also the numerous drop shots which tend to destabilize the morale and also the pace of play imposed by the opponents are easily noticeable among the weapons Julia put in in her match against Halep.

Quite a balance clash

The opening set started with Julia Georges determined to play at her highest level. The result materialized into a fast 3-0 detachment for the German player. This was basically the mental test Simona Halep had to pass. Unlike other matches, where the Romanian player rushed and played loose, in this one Halep kept her temper and played almost perfectly, waiting for her opponent to make the first mistake. Thus Halep managed to turn the match in her favor, winning 5 games in a row and then winning the set 6-4.

The second set was controlled by the Romanian. With a well-established pace and with the advantage of a won set, Halep smashed her opponent 6-1. What is more important is the increase of the number of options regarding the winning shots. Seeing that the forehands were pretty loose, Halep surprised her opponent by focusing her game on cross court backhand shots, which also neutralized the German player’s right forehand shots.

There’s going to be a very interesting match in the next round against Heather Watson (WTA No.69), an unpredictable player who often made things hard for many top WTA players (last year at Wimbledon she was just a few points away from a historic victory against Serena Williams).

What we know for sure is that Simona regains a constant pace of play little by little.

And she needs this. In order to keep the 5th place in the ranking, Halep needs to reach at least the quarterfinals in Miami.

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