Maria Sharapova, aged 28, has produced a real shock wave during her speech from Yesterday. Her majorannouncement that people crave it turned into a true confession. Sharapova, five time winner of a Grand Slam, admitted that she failed a doping test during the Australian Open. According to her statement, on March the 2nd she was notified by International Tennis Federation (ITF) that the sample fetched in January was positive. ITF confirmed the information but so far there`s no information regarding the period of suspension.

Maria Sharapova explanations

According to ITF, Sharapova used a prohibited drug called MELDONIUM.

This medicine has been added to the list of banned substances as of 1 January 2016. Sharapova said that in the last 10 years she has often used this drug, but she was not aware that it was recently banned by World Anti-Doping Agency.

What is meldonium? Meldonium is a drug commonly used in the countries of Eastern Europe and also in Russia.Sharapova said she took this medicine at her doctor's advice. In the last 10 years she commonly used this drug to make it through her various health problems such as flu, heart issues and also her predisposition to diabetes.

She further said that this is not a way to end a career.No matter what the verdict will be, Maria Sharapovaseems determined not to retire from professional tennis.

Suspension period raffle

According to regulations, Maria is risking up to 4 years of suspension from the ITF and WTA tournaments. Inadark scenario, she will be able to play again at 32 years of age. Chances to have some good results will be very small indeed, if not non-existent.In the best case scenario, Sharapova will face a suspension between 3 and 6 months.

After all, it is the first offense of this kind, and so far it has not been established with certainty whether the culpable act was done knowingly or recklessly.That`s exactly what Sharapova asked for: a second chance.

But lately, the tennis community was shaken by several scandals including those related to rigging matches.

Therefore, the verdict in this case may be one unpredictable.

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