The news that Sharapova tested positive during an anti-doping checkcreated a genuine tumult throughout the worldwide athletic community. Although Sharapova held a press conference where she assumed all the consequences of this unfavorable incident, she still had to face the accusations following her statement. The most virulent accusations were made by the former Tennis player Jennifer Capriati. According to Daily Mail, her Twitter reaction against Sharapova was harsh. Afterwards the Twitter posts in question were deleted.

Still, in the avalanche of criticism against Sharapova, Serena Williams, the leader of the WTA rankings over the last years, supported the Russian player in a manner only few had expected.

Serena appreciated Sharapova’s frankness

When asked by journalists to comment on the scandal regarding Sharapova, Williams stated that she had been shocked when hearing the news, but that at the same time she appreciated the fact that Maria hadthe courage and force of character to go out and admit to her mistake. The statement is all the more surprising as the rivalry between the two athletes is well known.

Serena has been a sort ofnemesis to Sharapova for over a decade. Serena hasn’t lost a match against Sharapova since 2004. Out of 21 disputed matches, Serena won 19 and Sharapova only two, the most recent encounter between the two tennis players being precisely the one at the 2016 Australian Open, in the quarterfinals.

Sharapova will experience some dark times

Maria Sharapova, the former world leader in the WTA ranking and winner of 5 Grand Slam trophies admitted to having used a prohibited substance, namely Meldonium. She is now temporarily suspended by the ITF until they are able to accurately determine the appropriate sanction.

According to the regulations she risks being suspended from athletic competitions for a maximum period of 4 years. Considering that it is her first infringement, she may be granted a reduced sentence.

Additionally, along with being suspended from the sports life, Sharapova has to endure marketing-related difficulties as well.

Her main sponsors Nike and Porsche already announced they had interrupted all contact with her until the case is solved.

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