Roger Federer has once more proven he is stronger than an injury or a surgery. The genius in the ATP circuit, nicknamed The Swiss Maestro, manages to recover almost miraculously from his knee surgery, even sooner than some thought he would.

Federer had initially announced that he would come back at Indian Wells. However, a new update of his health condition had led people to believe that this comeback would be scheduled only after the tournament in California, but also after the Key Biscayne tournament in Miami, Florida.

Federer delighted fans with memorable matches in Miami

Over the years, Federer has won the Masters Series tournament in Miamitwice.

The Swiss Tennis player won his first trophy in Florida backin 2005, after a genuine thriller of five sets, against his opponent Rafael Nadal (at that point the Grand Slam system of playing, meaning the best player in five sets won the match, used to be in force). His second success came the following year, when he won against Ivan Ljubicic,the former tennis player from Croatia who is now Federer’s coach. The encounter with the Croatian player was extremely tight, each set having been pushed to tie-break.

He also played in a final in 2002, which he lost to Andre Agassi.

His comeback is somewhat surprising

From a medical point of view, some may assume that the recovery period went even better than anticipated.

Roger Federer, currently 34 years old, seems to have transferred some of his greatness on the tennis field to the medical aspects regarding his recovery as well.

However, the expectations should not be overrated. Federer will compete in his first game after a break of almost two months. He will surely enjoy every minute spent on the tennis court, yet he is expected not to force himself right from the first matches he attends after his longtime break.

Although it wasn’t a complicated surgery, his body is undoubtedly a little rusty. However, tennis fans will certainly understand this aspect and will choose to witness new moments of genius on the tennis court.

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