After the scandal around the Russian Tennis player Maria Sharapova, who admitted to having tested positive at the Australian Open, another famous tennis player has been pointed out under the allegation of having used prohibited substances. It is none other than Rafael Nadal, the former leader of the ATP ranking.

Who accused Rafael of using prohibited substances?

Rafael Nadal confirmed that he would sue Roselyne Bachelot, who had earlier stated that the real reason why Nadal had been unable to compete over a period of seven months was because he had actually tested positive. According to CNN News, the 69-year-old former French Minister of Sports also told Canal+ that when tennis players were out of action for a long time, in most cases the reason is that they’d been tested positive for prohibited substances.

At one of the most important tennis tournaments -- Indian Wells, the 29-year old player Rafael Nadal stated that he was a completely clean player who had worked so hard throughout his career, also saying that even when he got injured he never took any banned substances that could have allowed him to recover quicker. Nadal had suffered a knee injury which stopped him from competing in numerous important tournaments, for instance in the 2012 Olympics and US Open.

"I am going to sue her, and I am going to sue everyone who is going to comment something similar, because I am tired of that (…) I let it go a few times in the past. No more," said Nadal at Indian Wells.

What’s the ITF’s point of view?

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) commented on Roselyne Bachelot’s statement, making it public that the Federation regarded the accusations as "surprising, but also incorrect." The reason for that, as they further stated, is basically that: "All players who are convicted of a violation of the Tennis Anti-Doping Program are publicly announced as required under the rules of the Program and WADA.” Moreover, the ITF clearly pointed out that WADA had independent oversight of the results of all samples collected from tennis players under the program, and so it would not only be aware of any attempted cover-up, but would also have the right to appeal against any failure to take forward any apparent breach of the program.

Given the circumstances, Rafael Nadal, the winner of 14 Grand Slam titles who has never tested positive for banned substances in his entire career, will take legal action against the author of the allegations, as confirmed by Benito Pérez-Barbadillo, a member of Nadal’s PR team.

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