In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, former No. 1 World Tennis Association player Maria Sharapova has failed a drug test that she took during the 2016 Australian Open. The News came directly from Maria Sharapova via a live broadcast from her website today, March 7. People Magazine was one of the first news organizations to report the newsonline at their official website right after the live broadcast.

Sharapova does not deny using Meldonium

Maria faced the music straight on and admitted without hesitation that she has had, for a decade from a family doctor, a legal prescription for a drug called Mildronate.

It's not been an issue in the past because only very recently has the WTA placed Meldonium, another name for Mildronate, on the ban list of unacceptable drugs starting in 2016. Sharapova claims that an email was given to her back on Dec. 22 of 2015 with Mildronate on the updated list of banned drugs but she failed to click on a link that would have told her she could no longer use the now banned endurance and rehabilitation enhancing substance.

Sharapova doesn't want this mistake to define her career

Sharapova is owning the error in an unflinching manner, stating to the world, "I made a huge mistake." The tennis star went on to make some light-hearted comments that the press conference was in no way an announcement of her immediate retirement from the game.

Sharapova made it clear that she would do something like a retirement announcement in a much classier environment that had better rugs. Maria offered up a snarky comment that the Los Angeles hotel where the announcement was made had , "Fairly ugly carpet."

Sharapova has had a storied career

Maria has a current WTA record of 592–142 which means Sharapova wins 80% of her matches.

She has a current winning total of just over $36 million dollars on the WTA tour and has claimed five Grand Slam titles and won the year-end tour finals championship in 2004. Sharapova has won The Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and US Open Grand Slams and won the silver medal at the 2012 Olympics in London.

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