During the last decade, Rafael Nadalwas a true symbol among top Tennis players in the ATP circuit. Along with Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Stan Wawrinka the Spaniard was one of the tennis players who dominated the ATP and which led to the popularization of this sport worldwide in recent years.

Although in the past two years injuries and lengthy recuperation periods have visibly affected his game, Nadal found a way to keep himself in the top 10 of the ATP. "The King of Clay" will turn 30 on June 3rd, and this season could be one of the last attempts to reach the highest spot in the ATP hierarchy.

Clay season just around the corner

Listed in the schedule of ATP follows two Masters 1000 events, namely Indian Wells and Miami. The absence of Federer who is recovering after knee surgery can provide a favorable passage toward the final stages of these tournaments.After these two ATP events on American outdoor hard court comes a season on clay in Europe. The tournaments on clay inMonte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid are also ranked Masters1000 and represent an excellent opportunity for Nadal to gather points in the ATP rankings.

It is fair to say that the season on clay is the one where Nadal feels most comfortable and at the same time is the season`s gap in which he earned the most trophies: 8 titles in a row in Monte Carlo between 2005 and 2012, 7 titles in Rome, also 7 titles at the Madrid Open and finally 9 Grand Slam titles at Rolland Garros.

These figures speak for themselves.

In addition, Rafael Nadal holds a unique record on clay. In 2010 he managed to win the so-called 'Clay Slam' by winnigin the same season Masters Series tournaments in Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, and Roland Garros. So far, there's no other tennis player who can brag about such an achievement.

It's fair to say thatNadal fans are entitled to have high expectations in the near future. Hiscapabilities are astounding and appetite for victory is certainly just as unstoppable. It remains to be seen how he will channel all these in the following months.

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