Staples Center in Los Angeles, yesterday Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, two of the strongest Basketball players in history, played their last game as opponents. In fact Bryant announced his retirement after 20 years of career in NBA.So, yesterday, in Los Angeles there was a memorable match between Lakers and Cavaliers. The score: 120 to 108 for the Cavaliers. But Bryant has passed James points in a personal challenge. In fact, Bryant made 26 points, 2 assists and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes; while James, despite the problem in his right shoulder, scored 24 points in 34 minutes. According to sports commentators, Bryant played one of his best games of recent years.

But it was not enough; Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers’ champion, has played a great game, with 26 points, leading his team to victory.It was the 22nd match between James and Bryant.And the two, like a champion, they are embraced beforethe match.

James: “Bryant was a stimulus to get stronger”

“I knew I had become stronger to be stronger than Kobe Bryant. I knew he was working hard in the gym. so, every day when I did not want to train i always thought of Kobe. Because I knew he was getting better. I will miss Bryant. he brought me to a higher level”, Lebron James said.

What Kobe and Bryant say each other

“I, Kobe and the fans will never forget this match," James, at the end of the challenge, said. "I and Kobe love this sport, the supporter, the limelight. I think – has continued Bryant- that to give the fans last chance to see us was something big. Kobe is, surely, one of the greatest players of all time".

"I’m happy to have been able to play with him. It was great to play against Lebron. I like his physical explosiveness, it was always good to clash with him", Bryant said.

Something about Kobe Bryant: he started playing basketball in Italy

Kobe Bean Bryant (Philadelphia, August 23, 1978) is considered among the best basketball players in NBA history.

He played with USA National Basketball, winning three times the gold metal. He played for twenty years and for his entire NBA career with Los Angeles Lakers, the team with which he won five championships. But Bryant raised and started playing basketball since childhood in Italy, when the father was coach.

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