In an unbeaten streak that lasted for 12 matches in the league, AC Milan lost 2-0 away to Sassuolo after 90 minutes of dull Football from the San Siro side. A disappointing result that could possibly dent their chances of reaching the Europa League next season.

Coach Sinisa Mihaljovic treading on thin ice

With a tumultuous start to the year, the former Yugoslavian International has received much criticism from Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, after a string of missteps saw the seven time European Champions struggling to find form in the league table. But with help from the Columbia born striker Carlos Bacca, scoring a tally of 13 goals so far, the rosso neri renewed their position as a top flight club in Serie A which includes a final place spot in the cup against Juventus.

Today's result dispelled all the progress the team has made thus far, and could be the death nail for Mihaljovic's tenure as the squad's head coach. Berlusconi has made public his displeasure with the coach, after months of speculation regarding who will take over the reigns next season should the former Red Star Belgrade star fail. A fact made more evident by Galliani's meeting with Sassuolo's current head coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, at Milan the previous week. Now the flames have been stoked for a Coppa Italia victory, making the cup the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not Mihaljovic will keep his position next season.

Bacca and Balotelli strike partnershipfails

Months have gone by and the Italian International forward Mario Balotellihas suffered from dogged injuries that have hampered his performance on the field.

Today's loss to Sassuolo was a realization as to the fact that the club needs to make a real attempt at the transfer market should they qualify for continental competition. Bacca seemed to have had his wings clipped on the pitch after allowing the Ghana international Duncan to score easily from the edge of the penalty area.

Milan also lacked quality on the bench, with Montolivo and Abate both being injured, and Niyang still recovering from a freak car accident two weeks ago. Today's loss reveals how little Milan have to offer in terms of quality marksmanship and depth of bench, two qualities that clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid possess in abundance.

The partnership of Balotelli-Bacca could not have gone worse after the two squandered a string of opportunities in the first half of the match where the visitors dominated for almost a half hour. The head coach has much to fear as a victory today would have cemented Milan's place as a contender for the fifth place spot in the league table.

Palermo to decide Mihaljovic's fate?

Tensions are rising,and now cross town rivals Internazionale can dash Milan's chances of attaining a place in the Europa League should they defeat lowly Palermo FC at home tonight, making them five points clear in the fifth place spot. This afternoon's loss to Sassuolo has stoked the flames under the Milan head coach's position as the team's leader, with the club's corporate heads already making plans to find his replacement.

Now all that remains in the Coppa Italia final in May which will define Mihaljovic's legacy in the club's history.

For the first time, Carlos Bacca wasn't able to carry his team to victory and with Balotelli in the line up, fans believed that he could pick up the slack after a much criticized year with his former club. The head coach must pray for a Sicilian victory in tonight's match against Inter, with history dictating that the away side will most likely win. At this point in the season, the Italian Cup is the only option still left in Milan's hands in a season wrought with fluctuating successes punctuated by devastating defeats.

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