It might have been the single most exciting NBA game of the 2015-16 season -- what with Steph Curry's mind-exploding long-distance three-pointer to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 121-118 overtime win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.Not to mention that Curry tied the record for three-pointers (12) and the Warriors continued outpacing the legendary 1996 Chicago Bulls for the best record in history.But, for gamblers expecting the Warriors to win and cover the spread, it was yet another disappointing night.

With the Spread

The Warriors were favored by 3.5 points against the Thunder and for all of Curry's pyrotechnics, the Warriors won by 3.

They failed to cover, as they have consistently done over the past 10 or so games.In the Warriors' last eight games they are 2-6 ATS, covering only against the Atlanta Hawks on Feb. 22nd (they beat the six-point spread by four) and the Orlando Magic on Feb. 25th with a 16-point blowout.On Feb. 9th the Warriors notched a 13-point win over the Houston Rockets, but the oddmakers pegged the spread at 13.5 and anyone betting on the Warriors ATS lost that bet. From that point on, the Warriors have consistently underperformed Vegas' guesses.

They were figured to beat the lowly Phoenix Suns by 16 but only managed an eight point win 112-104.The Warriors were favored by just 4 to beat division rivals the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Warriors pulled that game out by 3. Another loss for ATS bettors.And, of course, nobody foresaw not only an ATS loss but a full-scale blowout loss against the Portland Trailblazers, 137-105. But you would have won your bet if you picked Portland ATS.Miami was another tough game. The Warriors pulled out a win by 6, under the 8.5 spread.

Fluke or Trend?

Now this just might be a statistical fluke -- after all, in the previous nine games, the Warriors were 7-2 ATS. Or it may be that the screws have simply tightened on the Warriors and literally every game through April 13 is going to be a hard-fought battle. Narrow spreads might just be par for the course going forward.

And if you look at narrow spreads just going back a month, let's say to Jan. 22nd, the Warriors don't fare that well. It's a relatively small sample size but of the eight games in the past 30 days with a spread of 10 or less, the Warriors have covered in just three of those games, while failing in five.Overall in that period, its been a split, going 6-7 ATS.Of course, sports betting is always a gamble and you never know what a team might bring or fail to bring on any given day, but at this point the trends are clear: bet against the Warriors covering the spread.

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