After three consecutive victories at home and on the road, it seems like all is well in the AC MIlan camp. The San Siro giants who were at one point the laughing stock of Europe when compared to clubs like FC Barcelona or even Leicester FC, are now in probable contention for a place in next year's Europa League or quite possibly even the Champion's League. Two points out of fifth place and six points a drift from the much coveted third place spot in the League table, Mihaljovic's men seem as if the stains of the early part of the season are beginning to wash away by their upward ascension.

Milan on the upswing

A Semi-Final victory in the first leg over Seria B team Alessandria spells an almost inevitable cup final against Juventus who are on a roll with 12 straight wins and only two points clear of first place Napoli. Mihaljovic has a lot to be proud of considering this was the team that had been mismanaged by three coaches in a two year period. With Donnarumma proving to be the best young goalkeeper around, only 16 years old and already the San Siro's giants first team choice in the net, and Romagnoli keeping the central defense in line with a leadership quality rivaled only by the great Alessandro Nesta, there's much to look forward to for the next few seasons, but what does this all mean for Sinisa Mihaljovic

Mihaljovic future uncertain

With a team put together by the whims of Silvio Berlusconi, the Milan coach had little to no say in which players he chooses to elect to the squad roster.

Unlike most clubs who allow their coaches to pick the players they want, this 23 man squad was the team MIhaljovic found the moment he put pen to paper and signed the contract. This is a group of players the coach was forced to manage, either from financial difficulties or from Presidential frugality, Mihaljovic is doing the best with what he was given, and after much criticism, the Milan head coach has so far been able to galvanize a team already tarnished by the mishandling of their previous three coaches.

There is more good News just over the horizon. Berlusconi has been coy on his choices in the market but it looks almost inevitable that Palermo forward and Italian International Franco Vascquez will be heading to the San Siro this summer. With Vascquez, AC Milan will have the play maker they need to achieve both domestic and International success should they qualify for Europe next season.

El Shawaray's departure proves Milan has been reckless with their offloading of youth team upstarts, and for them to have any chance of keeping Mihaljovic as their first team coach, club executives have to provide him with an adequate team that can compete on all fronts. So far Milan has been putting smiles on the faces of its devoted fans, but with a difficult rode ahead and with the lack of acquisitions in the winter transfer season, the Europa League looks like the best possible goal for Mihaljovic's team to reach.

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