To the dismay of Wrestling fans, Daniel Bryan retires. During the past 15 years, Daniel Bryan’s been in the spotlight of the WWE. In a televised speech on Raw last night, he confirmed an earlier Twitter announcement and informed the audience and his hoard of fans about the decision. In between “that’s what she said” jokes, he explained his decision to resign from the WWE.

Daniel Bryan retires due to career concussions

The accumulated head injuries were too great, and the expert’s approval didn’t come through, forcing the announcement that Daniel Bryan retires. In the 16 years of his wrestling career, he’d accumulated a dangerous number of concussions that led to him being unable to wrestle for medical reasons since last year.

As Daniel Bryan retires and his career with the World Wrestling Entertainment has come to end, it’s only right that the Internet pays him a well-deserved homage. It wasn’t very long before the tributes came from far and wide with an outpouring of love and respect for Bryan.

Despite his 5’8” and 190 pounds (an unusual figure for a WWE superstar), the whole wrestling world knows him for his remarkable achievements, and today the WWE universe is celebrating one of the most memorable careers in its history.

Farewell speech heartfelt and all Bryan

Often made fun of for his communication skills, or lack of thereof, Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson—also known among his fans as The Dazzler—was surprisingly comfortable with a mic.

He let fans down gently and with carefully chosen words. He gave a perfect, awe inspiring retirement speech, filled with emotion, gratitude, nostalgia, pride and inappropriate sex jokes. Just like old times.

He talked for a few minutes about his favorite charity: Wigs for Kids, to which he donated his hair.

The speech raised a hard hitting issue on the safety of wrestlers. Bryan is neither the first nor the last professional wrestler to get head injuries (namely Fastlane) but he’s certainly the most outspoken one. The WWE is said to be trying to get better at caring for their protégés.

Bryan’s wife Brie Bella, whom he met through WWE, opened up on her husband’s retirement.

While wrestling fans all over the world have been sending messages of love to the couple, Bella responded with an Instagram post with the caption “Haven’t lost him.” This might shed light on whatever’s next for Daniel Bryan’s career. True, now that wrestling is off the table it will be hard to outshine his prowess’s, but not all is lost. He’s rumored to have a few appearances on the WWE meet and greet sessions and a reality TV show in the works. So, although Daniel Bryan retires from wrestling in the ring, we may still be seeing him in WWE.

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