Daniel Bryan retires

Future WWE Hall of Famer Daniel Bryan's career officially came to end on Monday's Raw, when the former WWE world heavyweight champion decided to retire due to medical issues. Bryan, 34, had suffered at least 10 concussions throughout his professional Wrestling career, and after trying to come back to wrestling for nearly a year, he decided to move onto life after wrestling following a test result that showed that he, in fact, had suffered brain damage due to the amount of concussions he had suffered during his sixteen-year wrestling career.

Like Bryan, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin's career was cut short due to injury, however Austin's was due to a neck issue, spinal stenosis to be specific, which has ended the careers of many professional wrestlers, most notably Edge, who was forced to retire following WrestleMania 27 in 2011.

At WrestleMania 19 in March of 2003, Austin wrestled The Rock in what turned out to be his final wrestling match. No one, with the exception of Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, and Austin himself knew it was going to be the final match of his wrestling career, and at times he had an opportunity to come back and wrestle, but he just never did.

OnWednesday, Austin was interviewed by Ross Lippman of ABC 27, and he was asked about Daniel Bryan's retirement on Monday.

"It's a hard pill to swallow when you have to walk away from something that you truly love," said Austin. "That's a guy who worked his tail off and the system was against him, he wasn't the guy that was the chosen one, and because the fans believed so much in him, they had to make him the chosen one."

Back on February 3rd, Steve Austin appeared on Sirius XM's Opie with Jim Norton to promote his reality television shows, and during the interview, he was asked about concussions in professional wrestling.

Austin answered by saying that, if you're concussion-prone in the business of pro wrestling, then you're doing something wrong. You can check out the interview below:

On Friday, TMZ Sports caught up with Austin, and asked him if there's a concussion epidemic in professional wrestling. Austin said that there's not a concussion issue in WWE, and that Daniel Bryan is the exception.

Whether there's a concussion epidemic in WWE or not is up for debate -- there are several guys on the current roster who have admitted to having suffered more concussions than Daniel Bryan; guys like Bubba Ray Dudley and Tommy Dreamer for example.

However, both Dreamer and Bubba Ray weren't subject to the same testing as Daniel Bryan was, and if they were, you can bet that they'd probably have to hang it up as well.

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