Jim Ross doesn’t have to endorse anything. A WWE Hall of Famer and one of the most respected sports commentators in the game today with a resume that spans four decades and various sports including football, MMA and of course, professional Wrestling, Ross, now 64, should be like most people that age, beginning the process of settling down and enjoying the fruits of all the long nights of hard work on the road.

Ross isn’t- and will never be that type of guy.

An investor and the spokesperson for the new FITE TV app, Ross doesn’t have to attach himself to anything he doesn’t want to and won’t, unless he believes in it.

“I used the app before I became an investor and I did a ton of research on it,” Ross said. “The cool thing about it is it’s free and it’s this in-the-now app that lets you access all of these different genres of contact sports and will introduce fans to a whole new generation of stars that major generations will add sooner than later. I just think it’s the neatest thing in the world.”

Able to stream everything from professional wrestling, boxing and MMA to Sumo, Arm Wrestling and even classic Bruce Lee flicks on your smartphone or TV, FITE TV is out to change the way people enjoy their favorite contact sports and pop culture. A free download on the App Store, Google Play and various other mobile download marketplaces, it’s already been downloaded 15 million times.

While the plethora of content is an added plus of the app, Ross’ biggest boast of the product is that over 100 MMA and professional wrestling organizations (Ring of Honor, TNA Impact Wrestling, Evolve and Global Force Wrestling are a few of the bigger promotions to be a part of the app) have signed up to be a part of the “network,” with free and pay per view programs being available at the push of a button.

“There are a lot of promotions in wrestling, boxing and MMA that have young stars that haven’t been discovered yet,” Ross said. “I was shocked when I found out how many promotions FITE TV is working with. There were some that I didn’t even know where out there. This is a great app for someone looking to find something new, to learn more about the genres you’re into.

I think it’s eye-opening to watch all of these guys that are hungry and that the FITE TV app is providing a platform for all of these guys to perform on. It’s a lot of fun. If you love wrestling and MMA, this is something that’s right up your alley.”

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