The girlfriend of Soccer player Adam Johnson was called to give evidence at Bradford Crown Court, this Thursday. The 26-year-old woman had shown a bit tearful during a few tough questions, and she confirmed she had split with Adam during the child sex case. After the whole scandal came out last year, Adam was "honest" with girlfriend Stacey Flounders, and she tried to "have a family" with him and their one-year-old daughter. The trial has started last week and Stacey appeared a couple of sessions on Court, hand in hand with Adam.

She cites his cheating for the breakup

Now that she was called, she admitted they split up, because he cheated on her with a "few other women".

Adam Johnson has been accused on march 2015 of having sexual activity with a 15-year-old schoolgirl. Adam already admitted grooming and kissing the girl he met twice, but he denies two more serious charges, including penetration with the Sunderland fan. The 28-year-old soccer player was sacked by the Premier League team Sunderland at the beginning of this sex child trial. Adam has also played for Manchester City and for the British National Team.

Grooming with kisses?

During the sex child case, Adam was living with Stacey Flounders, who was pregnant. He first met the girl to sign a couple of shirtsfor her and then they exchanged a few messages in order to have another date, when he could have a "thank you kiss".

Adam Johnson said it was all about kissing (and he revealed he liked kissing the 15-year-old girl), but she said the police it did happen something more than just a kiss and that he even touched her private parts,after unbuttoned her jeans.

She also claims she saw his penis as she assures he was "shaved" in their second meeting.

Adam Johnson and Stacey Flounders both deny the validity of this statement. His longtime girlfriend was asked about "Adam Johnson's pubic hair" and she said she "never saw him shaved".

Stacey said they were not living a good moment during her pregnancy as she was suspecting he was unfaithful to her. Now, she said on Courtshe couldn't handle a relationshipwith him anymore, and they will only "remain friends".

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