NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke Friday at the yearly Super Bowl week news conference regarding recent Football safety concerns and other issues. He said that the NFL has come a long way in answering football safety concerns, specifically concussion concerns, by changing some rules and making improvements in gear used by players.Goodell added that he played football nine years and if he had a son, he’d love for him to play the game. He stressed that life has risks and that football gets a person active, and teaches them important values like discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.

Football safety concerns among topics in discussion

Goodell is facing a fight regarding the leading health catastrophe in the game’s history as there have recently been an explosion of concussion cases, as well as the terrible postmortem analysis that showed three players had degenerative brain disease. The three, Junior Seau, Dave Duerson, and Andre Waters took their own lives. Other football players have also had memory loss and other strange behavior prior to their deaths.

Goodell also spoke on the fact that he didn’t think football players retire early due to them thinking the game isn’t safe. Instead, he said that their choice to retire was a personal decision and didn’t reflect more concerns of possible injuries.The subject arose when he was asked about Calvin Johnson retiring at only 30-years-old.

Johnson is not the only player to retire at an early age, however.

Additional topics include Pro Bowl standard, team moves, and more

Besides football safety concerns, Goodell talked on several other topics during the conference. Some of these topics included how the NFL feels about medical marijuana, as well as his endorsement on ejecting players who commit multiple personal fouls, along with the possible moves for the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.

Goodell also talked about how he didn't approve of the quality level of the Pro Bowl last weekend, and it wasn’t up to NFL standards. However, when asked if he would cancel the Pro Bowl in the future, Goodell told them that the NFL still needed a way to show off their player’s talents. He also promised to aid the Raiders and Chargers as they work on getting new stadiums within their present markets.

The bottom line is that there have been several football safety concerns regarding incidents like concussions and other injuries, and Goodell is aware of the issues and talked about how the league is dealing with them.

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