Hope on horizon for AC Milan

Things seem to be looking up for AC Milan fans, especially with the strength of their newfound goal keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma proving to be the solid man they needed in the net. But now things seem to be getting better as AC Milan CEO and owner Silvio Berlusconi looks toward South American talents Emanuel Mammana and Leonel Vangioni to bolster an already strong defensive line. With center backs Alex and Alessio Romagnoli helping to keep the likes of Fiorentina and Inter Milan from scoring, Berlusconi seems hell bent on refortifying an already solid defense. But, after a string of recent results and a starting line up that includes Abate and Antonelli, does Milan really need two more defenders in their back line?

With Mario Balotelli and Luis Adriano proving they lacked the tenacity to endure a full season of League and Cup action, the rossoneri need a forward more then ever before. Carlos Bacca has been a revelation this season, with 12 goals to his tally and counting, he has become MIlan's key man in their Seria A campaign, but one man can't carry a team for an entire season, and the club needs a striker now more then ever.

Alexis Sanchez would have made a great fit for the San Siro giants, but after resigning a new deal with his current club Arsenal, his arrival seems highly unlikely. Andreano Galliani, Milan chief executive, insists that the club will sign a top striker for next season, with Ajax up start Anwar El Ghazi on their radar for the summer transfer market.

It was only a few seasons ago when Milan let their young striker Alberto Paoloschi go for mere thousands to Seria A competitors Chievo Verona, which now was an obvious mistake considering the Italian International is making a big move this summer to the Premiership. Matteo Darmian, Manchester United's top defender, also began as a Milan primavera youth team product, and with his departure, the team seems hell-bent on outsourcing their strongest up-starts.

The question remains, with all these new arrivals supposedly coming this summer, is it really worth rebuying players for positions that the club themselves allowed to be vacant? Within just a couple of years, Milan could have saved millions by keeping their primavera youth system players while still optioning the rights to top quality strikers.

With Antonelli and De Sciglio serving as the best Left Backs in the league, and Romagnoli and Alex reinforcing the central defensive line, adding two more defenders to the squad seems to be a waste.

Most fans realize by now that AC Milan's major problems stem from their sporadic midfield. Since the golden era of the holy triumvirate of Gattuso-Ambrosini-Pirlo has faded into the history books of club lore, the club's starting midfield has become a mismatch of players placed together without any sense of communal bonding that makes a team achieve the levels that players on squads like Barcelona have done so many times before. The Guiseppe Meazza stadium needs a red and blue team with a stronger midfield more then a defensive line, with Kevin Prince Boateng's return and Giacomo Bonnaventurra proving their worth, Milan has just a couple of pieces of a large puzzle that sill needs fixing.

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