A close friendof Michael Schumacher from his time as a racing driver has released a statement to the press which only increased fans’ concern. Schumacher, seven-time Formula One world champion, suffered a terrible accident in December 2013. The tragedy took place on one of the German racer’s favourite ski slopes in the French Alps. Schumacher lost control and took a leap into the void, smashing his head on a massive stone when he fell.

A real battle for survival

In the accident Schumacher suffered multiple head injuries, lying in a coma for over a year. After remaining at the hospital in Grenoble, France for a few months, Schumacher was transferred to one of his properties in Switzerland, so as to keep away from the press and from public sight.

According to information released during that period his condition improved, but progress was slow.

Luca di Montezemolo's statement stirs the waters again

According to Reuters the former head of the Ferrari team from the time Schumacher competed for the Italian squad stated a few days ago that he had News about the German racing driver, but that the news is not good.

‘I have news and unfortunately it is not good”, di Montezemolo stated. This is the entire statement he made, with no further details. This is precisely the reason why media publications have once more begun to write about the health condition of the former Formula 1 star.

It is also reported byReuters that Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm had no further comments when approached by the press.All these can only increase speculation on the subject

The German racing driver is considered to be the greatest champion in the history of the competition.

He managed to dominate the high-speed circuit for almost a decade. Theseven world titles gained throughout his career stand as living proof. It is quite unusual that in his 15 years of driving Schumacher had only one accident on the tracks of the F1 circuit, in 1999 at The British Grand Prix, where he broke his leg.

With the exception of this incident, Schumacher’s career was perfect, without any tragic events. Maybe this is why his ski accident in 2013 came as such a shock.

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