Last night began with a disastrous start for the Turin giants as Bayern Munich looked to dominate in overwhelming style as both Aaron Robben and Thomas Muller found the back of the net as the Bavarian titans were looking to put an end to Juventus' Champions League campaign right from the start. With an opening 45 minutes that saw the visiting team dominate in Turin, Allegri's men looked lost as they tried to scramble their way out of the first half. Then, something happened that changed the whole dynamic of the game which saw a completely reinvented Juventus squad come out of the gates and pull two goals back while adding almost a third in the dying minutes of the match.

Dybala proves his place in Allegri's squad

When all seemed lost for the bianco neri, their young Argentine pulled back an astonishing goal on a breakaway against Manuel Noyer that inspired his team to rally back from two goals behind at home. This is no easy task, as Bayern Munich has the best defensive record in the Bundesliga at the moment, finishing top in their group phase with no points spared. Juventus were unfazed by their position, maintaining their calm as Dybala delivered a low angled shot to the side of the net that left the Bavarian power house in shock of what was to become a monumental comeback for the current Italian Champions. Dybala has proven his merit in the Juventus squad, as he now dons the Number 21 shirt worn by Italian legend Andrea Pirlo.

The Argentine has become one of Seria A's top players since he moved from Palermo last season, and it is in matches like these that one sees the quality of a footballer's merit. Such qualities that were surprisingly missing from one of the best young players in Europe at the moment (Paul Pogba).

Pogba seemingly lost on the pitch

With a string of missed chances including an abysmal miss that saw the ball graze over the top right hand corner of the crossbar, Pogba lacked the pace and depth of quality that an athlete such as he normally possesses in the big matches. A string of fancy dribbling maneuvers in the midfield and constant complaints to the referee about fouls were all that the Frenchman could conjure in a game that needed him so desperately to unearth his natural abilities as a play maker.

That said, Dybala and Mandzukich were worth every dime the Agnelli family paid for as they gelled brilliantly with one another in the second half that allowed for the home side to save face after a stuttering first half.

Allegri the unsung hero

A coach is prone to errors, as is anyone in a position of leadership. But Allegri made some brilliant tactical decisions in the second half that changed the outcome of the game, one such decision was to bring on Stefano Sturaro at the 69th minute to replace the German player Sami Khedira. Khedira, now back from injury, put on a mixed display on his return to Champions League action last night, as his lethargic presence in the midfield slowed down his ability to stop Bayern Munich on the counter attack which is what led to their first two goals when Juventus were caught by surprise in the middle of the pitch.

Allegri's decision to bring on a much more quicker and agile Sturaro helped speed up the lethargic pace of a midfield that could have used the likes of an Arturo Vidal or Carlos Tevez again. The young Italian made his name on the field, as a Mandzukich pass found the underside of Sturaro's foot as he practically slid into Neuer's net to seal a complete comeback for the Italian champions. In the end, Juventus pulled off a stunning comeback, but a two all draw at home still makes things difficult now that the 31 time Italian champions have to travel to Munich in search of an away win against a strong German side.

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