It's Super Bowl week!<= Find the game ball.

No doubt, Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos and Cam Newton's Carolina Pantherswill by duking it out on the playing field this Sunday. By the way, when did we decide that Football teams belong to the quarterbacks?

The playing field of Super Bowl L is not the only place where a battle is taking place in Silicon Valley

Look Up In the Skies!


Levi's Stadium cost a whopping $1.3 billion. It didn't cost me anything. But my neighbors in Santa Clara are really paying for it.

Of course, the locals are expecting to reap a bit of windfall this week when more than 1 million people descend on Silicon Valley, 100s of the arriving in private jets.

Many will be disappointed when they book hotels at double the price in San Francisco only to learn they have to take a train with 1000s of other crazies for more than an hour to just get near Levi's stadium.

'You can't get there from here' really is true around here. After taking the train you have to find some other means of transportation from the station to the stadium. Uber anyone?

Watch the progress of Apple's spaceship

We can watch the progress of Apple's new campus as it is being constructed. The space ship is literally across the street from the church where I preach on Sundays.

Amazon, UPS, FedEx and their like are riding the wave, too. Or maybe it's those companies who are whipping up the storm.


In 2013 there were some 240,000 personal drones sold. Last year (2015), drum roll, please, there were an estimated 2.2 million drones sold. Those numbers give new meaning the 10X phenomenon.

I don't think we can expect to see drones hovering over the Super Bowl L field on Sunday. But then again, I may be wrong.

Aerial Wars

If one team blows out the other, the spectators could be asked to look up ... or if you are in the nose bleed seats you can look straight out and watch the aerial wars. They would surely be fun to watch. More so than watching internet trolls fight.

"12 yards out stop. Point up and say, 'Look at that drone.' When the opposing team stops to see what you are pointing out, sprint left 5 years and the ball will be there waiting for you.


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