Fernando Alonso, twofold F1 world champion, decided to continue his adventure on the Great Circus. Although a few months ago some rumors about a potential one year break or even about a possible retirement of the Spanish racing driver emerged, the former 2005-2006 world champion stated that he would respect his contractual terms to the end. His fans can thus breathe easy again until 2017 when his agreement with the current team expires.

Whence began the rumors about Alonso’s retirement

According to BBC, the rumors regarding a potential termination of the collaboration between Fernando Alonso and McLaren-Honda were fueled by a statement made to the press a while ago by Ron Dennis, none other than McLaren-Honda’s team principal.

Some time ago Ron Dennis stated that he and Alonso had discussed a potential break or even a possible termination of the agreement.

Alonso’s statement from Tuesday shed light on this case, ending the speculation on the subject. According to BBC, Alonso stated that he would honor his agreement to the end, the Spanish racing driver having very high expectations and aspirations as for the following 2016 season about to commence. The former racer from Renault, the team wherewith he won the Formula 1 world title back in 2005 and 2006, suggested that he would not be a mere racer lost at the bottom of the ranking.

This turnaround can only gladden his fans, and to the nostalgic ones it is a real gift.

In 2005 Alonso ended Michael Schumacher’s domination over the F1

In 2005 the Spanish racer broke the monopoly on the Formula 1 circuit previously held by the Ferrari team. Before turning 20 Fernando Alonso became one of the most young world champions in the history of F1, therewith bringing the team at the top of constructor’s ranking.

Those moments Alonso was regarded as a pilot that would dominate the circuit for a long time.

There have been over 10 years from his stunning achievement in 2005, years with many changes for Alonso, and despite the average success of the past years, Alonso still remains one of the most important racers in this sports over the past decade.

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