GiGi makes stunning debut in first season at the net

After a phenomenal debut with the rosso neri, Gigi Donnarumma has attracted interest from abroad mainly with the likes of the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona look to renew their squad for next season with the help of a teenage talent that could possibly see Milan youth prodigy Donnarumma take over the number 1 spot in goal for the Catalan giants. Unhappy with the flimsy performances of the Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique seeks to court the 16-year-old Italian sensation to Spain with an astounding offer reported to be worth over 40 million euros.

San Siro giants in state of renewal

After three dismal seasons without European play, the San Siro for the first time in its history has two clubs absent from all International competition. With Abbiatti in the twilight of his career and Diego Lopez failing to live up to his standards, Milan has put their faith in the young Donnarumma. Barcelona are no strangers to sensationalism in the transfer market. Within a few seasons, they procured the likes of Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Javier Mascherano in bids that could bankrupt a weaker club. With the Catalonians demonstrating their superiority in European Club play, Enrique knows where the weaknesses lay in his team. All three goalies share their merit at the net, but after last year's final that saw Claudio Bravo's gaff in front of his own net that allowed Alvaro Moratta to equalize, in a mistake that could have cost them the game, Enrique isn't willing to take a second chance this time around.

Milan are in a period of rebuilding their standing at home and eventually abroad. Selling the young Italian upstart would prove that Seria A has become a breeding ground for foreign clubs to pick and choose who they like among their ranks. Ajax is a testament to that factor, a legendary squad who now serves as an export for richer, more affluent clubs in Europe.

The rosso neri have already lost much these past few years, with Thiago Silva going to PSG and when KaKa left for Real Madrid years before. Milan have a great talent in their midst, something they should not forsake should they hope to achieve entry into the Europa League next season.

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