With his boyish good lucks and winning smile, 26 year old Daniel Ricciardo is approaching 2016 with more of a philosophical outlook than in previous years.

The Formula One Australian champion understands that while there have been a few rule changes for the upcoming season, he would be working with the same unreliable and underpowered Renault engine that took him to win only three races in 2014, and one, second-place win in 2015.

As well, not wanting to relive last year’s disappointment, Ricciardo stated in an interview with Fox Sport that he was going into this year’s program less optimistically about his chances of winning.

Ricciardo finished 8th in 2015 after finishing a promising 3rd in 2014.

He said it was frustrating expecting to do so well and, simply not. He doesn’t want to begin the year by saying that he will win and just be seen to be talking himself up.

Instead, he is cooler and calmer about his 2016 prospects

While Renault have put together a new team and will still provide Red Bull with engines after buying Lotus, He knows his car can’t compete with Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes which has much greater horsepower.

Ricciardo admits, he won’t even come close.

However, he did beat Hamilton’s record on the British motoring show, Top Gear in February 2015. Ricciardo completed the Top Gear test track as the fastest Formula One driver with a time of 1:42.2 seconds.

Novelty races aside, Ricciardo thinks that the whole formula is skewed to the V6s advantage. Since they were introduced they have created a divide between what Ricciardo claims is, “…the best and the rest”.

He suggests that this is based on their powerful and superior engines.

And while some teams can build better cars than others, it’s horsepower that counts at the end of the day.

Ricciardo hopes that 2017 will bring about new changes in the rules which will create a more equal playing field for all teams.

With his contract with Red Bull expiring at the end of this season, perhaps he is also hoping that he will be picked by a team and be offered to drive a better car with much more horsepower in 2017.

With that some months away, Ricciardo will begin the Formula One season on March 20 in Melbourne, Australia.

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