Murphy will not participate in Super Bowl

Ryan Murphy, a Denver Broncos practice squad player, was sent home from theSuper Bowl as police allegedly detained him during a prostitution sting operation. According to credible sources,Ryan Murphy and his brother were both present during the time of the sting operation.

Police have detained a woman for suspected prostitution. The woman revealed to the officers that she had to retrieve some items from a car which was parked at a nearby gas station. Murphy and his brother were sitting in the same vehicle during the time of detention.

Gary Kubiak, Head Coach of theBroncos confirmed this News, and he revealed that Murphy has been sent back to Denver.

According to Kubiak, Ryan Murphy was not cited by the Police, but the team management decided that it will be good for the team in the Super Bowl if he's not with them.Kubiak added that even though Murphy was sent back to Denver, his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. The website of the Broncos states that Murphy is from the Oakland area.

A top Television channel reported that County Police authorities have questioned Murphy regarding the prostitution scandal, but he was later released when police identified that he had not solicited a prostitute. Some sources claim that Murphy's brother and the woman who were busted were in a relationship. However, an official confirmation is yet to be made.

According to reports, all of the Broncos players were off on Tuesday as they are preparing for Sunday's Super Bowl battle with the Carolina Panthers for the National Football League crown. Murphy has never played in an NFL game, and his new setback may negatively impact his career.

The Denver Broncos had signed Murphy to their practice squad on November 3rd, 2015.Murphy played in college for the Oregon State Beavers and was also selected in the 7th round of the 2015 NFLdraft by the Seattle Seahawks.Murphy played College Football at Oregon State and was added to the practice squad by the Broncos two months back.

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