By now most fans of La Vecchia Senora have become enshrouded in domestic bliss, with them reclaiming first place in the league of a disastrous start to their Seria A title defense. But, after a hard fought 1-0 win over Napoli last Sunday, Allegri's men must now focus their attentions on tomorrow's match against Bayern Munich. But with the winter transfer market coming to a close at the beginning of February, the Turin giants must now re-asses their chances of winning Europe's top prize.

Pogba is Europe's most sought after Midfielder

Speculation has given to leaked news as Paul Pogba has become Europe's most sought out player from some of the wealthiest clubs around the world, most notably PSG and FC Barcelona.

The Catalan club have offered upwards of 120 million euros for the Frenchman's services and now the Agnelli family have a real conundrum on their hands as they must face the fiscal realities having to keep a player of such quality in their ranks. With Dybala's purchase last summer, fan worries were easily erased as the 21-year-old Argentine has found himself as an integral part of the squad, taking over the number 21 shirt from Italian legend Andrea Pirlo. If Pogba were to leave in the summer, who will take over the number 10 Jersey from the under 21 European Champion?

Cavani and Lavezzi possibly set to make return to Seria A

Now both in their early thirties, the once deemed stars of South America are approaching the twilight of their careers.

Finding themselves trophy-less in European competition, the French capital side are in desperate need to find their rhythm on foreign soil. Lavezzi and Cavani have won numerous Ligue 1 titles and have given much to a team whose history is highlighted by a mere Cup Winner's Cup triumph back in 1996, ironically, the same year Juventus won their last Champions League.

Pogba seems like a replacement for the mega millions PSG have spent on the South Americans, but for a trade to take place where the prodigy were to be replaced by two faded stars in the autumn of their athleticism, tifosi of Juventus across the board would shake their heads in disbelief, as such a move would be foolhardy at best.

What Juventus should do if they are to sell Pogba

For two seasons now, the Agnelli family have tried to broker a maneuver with PSG for the acquisition of Italian forward Marco Verratti, a young superstar who would be of equal value to Pogba. This trade is highly unlikely, and the bianco neri's is most likely to sell Pogba for cash dollars to FC Barcelona, and use those funds for a reverse sale on Edison Cavani. A brilliant trade financially, but if the Turin side is to hope for another shot at the Champions League next season, they are going to need the best players possible on their side. FC Barcelona is a well spring of brilliant talent, with Suarez and Neymar in particular being able to keep pace with today's Maradonna Lionel Messi.

Real Madrid have also seen their names mentioned in the transfer list for Pogba, as they seek to add to a team with such mega stars as Gareth Bale and Christiano Ronaldo.

At this stage in the game, Juventus are left with a string of options all leading to their detriment. If they are to sell the French youth player of the year to Barcelona, the Nou Camp will once again have their pick in bringing some of the greatest players to their city and resuming their dominance in global Football. Should PSG acquire their countryman's talents, and the two former Seria A talents return to their former leagues, Juventus will be losing out due to their advanced ages and weakened talents on the pitch. Only a player equal to Pogba's skills would be an intelligent move for the bianco neri, but such qualities are hard to find in other footballers.

A difficult choice to make when one considers the fiscal conservatism being exercised by most Italian clubs in the current financial crisis that has plagued the league.

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