With a month and a half until Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas and the build up for the WWE’s next pay per view, Fastlane, nearing its end, Blasting News takes a look at what the WWE needs to do in order to ensure that the WWE's biggest event of the year is, at the very least, an entertaining one.

Put AJ Styles in a Feud for a Title: It would be great to see “The Phenomenal One” fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but that’s most likely not happening. Seeing Styles in a bout against Kalisto or Dean Ambrose for the United States or Intercontinental Championship would, however, be a fantastic opener for the WWE’s “Showcase of the Immortals.” It would also pave the way for Styles to be more than an indie darling and someone hardcore fans respect and admire.

With a belt around his waist and some momentum, he may be able to have the same effect on the WWE Universe as former indie stars the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Make Kevin Owens Matter Again: After his Intercontinental Title loss to Dean Ambrose, Owens has kind of muddled his way around RAW and Smackdown. Still one of the most dynamic stars in the promotion, Owens needs to reestablish his dominance and either regain the Intercontinental Championship or win the United States title. While it would be great to see Owens take on the Undertaker, the chances of that happening are slimmer than Zack Ryder winning a match on RAW.

Establish Triple H Again, in the Ring: His promo work the past few weeks on RAW has been solid, but he needs a tuneup match or two before Wrestlemania.

A great place for a returning star to come in on RAW, Triple H needs to get people excited and beat someone who matters. While older fans know HHH is still the “Cerebral Assassin,” he needs to take out the sledgehammer and he needs to prove himself to the little kids that haven’t seen him wrestle in two years that he’s “The Game.”

Bring Paige into the Divas Title Picture: Nothing against Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch, but Paige needs to be involved more.

Still dealing the after-effects of a concussion, Paige’s current status is shaky, but there’s no doubt of her importance to the division. Able to work in the ring and on the mic, she’s got to be in a Divas title match at Wrestlemania- otherwise the match won’t be worth watching.

Give the Undertaker a Worthy Opponent: This will most likely be Taker’s last match, so this needs to be a special one.

With no Sting and so many other stars on the shelf, it’s going to be tough to find “The Dead Man” with an opponent fans will remember. At this point, even while injured, John Cena’s name keeps getting thrown around on the internet and if healthy, he may be the best thing- next to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

What do you think of these decisions? What else does the WWE need to do to make Wrestlemania 32 an amazing show? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.

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