The winner of the2015 Ballon d’Or was annonouced yesterday, as Lionel Messi became the best Soccer player of the previous year. Let’s take a look at the biggest contenders to win this award in 2016.It's too early to decide which one of them has the best chance to get the most important individual trophy in soccer, but we can make a short list of footballers that will likely achieve it in the next year.

Lionel Messi

Let’s start this list with the King himself, Lionel Messi. He already has five Ballons d’Or and he didn’t even turn 30 yet! Can he win more individual trophies? Of course! He's still in great shape, and his team Barcelona is currently the best soccer team in Europe.

The Argentinian’s game has improved even more as he decided to move to the middle side of the pitch, where he can create more chances for players like Neymar or Luis Suarez. He still scores many goals, but he also has added many assists!

Cristiano Ronaldo

The second biggest contender to be the best player in the world is, of course,Cristiano Ronaldo. It will be a shock if we don't see him on the podium in 2016. The Portuguese is 31-years-old, but despite his age he's still capable of producing great football. We can’t be sure if he will stay in Real Madrid, but we are pretty sure that he can dominate every other league he will play in.

Robert Lewandowski

You really can’t find a better striker than Robert Lewandowski right now.

Bayern Munich will probably win another Bundesliga title and they will be big contenders to win theChampions League trophy.His national team is currently in great form as the Euro 2016 will arrive soon, where he can prove that he's a great leader.

Alexis Sanchez

In 2016 we have two big international cups – Euro 2016 and Copa America.

Alexis Sanchez, who delivered last year’s victory in the tournament for Chile will have another chance to win it again. Sanchez will be a key player for Arsenal as he can help his teamwin a first English Premiership title in 12 years. He's a great player for both Arsenal and Chile, but he has to take his game to a higher level to compete with Messi, Ronaldo, and Lewandowski.

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