When it comes to playing Football, teams have to put up with all kinds of weather, from sun and rain to snow and cold, and on Sunday the match between the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks is expected to be a very frigid football game that could end up being a record breaker.The game is set to start at 12:05 PM Central time and will air on NBC.

The weather conditions are expected to be a high of only 4°F at kickoff time, with a possible low of -10. There could also be 12 mph winds, but there is so far zero chance of snow. All this means there will be measures in place to make sure players don’t get frostbite or other cold weather injuries.

Game could set cold weather record for NFL play

This game is the first outdoor NFL playoff game to happen in Minnesota in the past 40 years. There have only been nine games played in the history of the NFL with temperatures below zero.For the Vikings, their coldest post-season game boasted a temperature of nine degrees back in 1970 when they played San Francisco at Met Stadium. Their coldest home game on record had a low temperature of two degrees below zero, and was played against Chicago on December 3rd, 1972.

Players use strategies to battle frigid conditions

The teams will attempt to keep the players warm during the expected frigid football game with heated benches and sideline blowers, and the players will wear special warming coats, as well as have hand warmers and heating cream.

Additionally, the field is hydronic heated, which means it will not freeze and will stay soft and safe for play and the players. There are plenty of ways the folks on the sidelines can stay warm, but coaches and players worry about the fans and the Vikings have issued statements reminding fans about the need to bring enough gear to stay warm.

Additionally, in order to face such temperatures, several team members have come up with their own strategies to try to ward off the chill. For instance, Mike Wallace says he imagines being under a warm Miami sun and rookie wide receiver Jarius Wright says he stays close to the heaters because the frozen footballs being thrown around during the game feel like bricks when they're caught.

New indoor stadium won't be ready until next year

The players are having to play the game outdoors due to the Vikings standing in the league and playoff position. They moved out of the Metrodome two years ago and their brand new US Bank Stadium, which will be enclosed, isn’t expected to be done until the 2016 season.

So, prepare for a frigid football game Sunday, and what could turn out to be the coldest game in NFL history.

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