Over the last months the world sports community has been rocked by a series of major scandals, be it the doping event of Russia’s athletics team, or the scandals regarding the corruption in soccer. In the case of football the undertaken measures were most drastic: many FIFA and UEFA officials were arrested and subsequently incriminated, and the managers of the associations Michel Platinni, respectively Sepp Blatter were suspended for the following 8 years.

Nowadays, the sports world faces a new challenge: reliable information has appeared thatmany Tennis players are suspected of having been bribed with money in order to lose certain matches.According to the sports magazine ESPN, the Serbian player Novak Djokovicmade a statement which stirred further controversy.

According to his statement, the leader of the ATP ranking would have been indirectly approached (through his technical team) with the proposition of losing a 2007 match held in a tour in Russia. Had he accepted, he would have been offered almost $200k. Djokovic declared that he was not aware of this ‘business proposal’ for a long time, but that he would have refused it anyway.

Likewise, Serena Williams, the leader of the WTA ranking, stated that she would never engage in such practices. Lately ‘the betting mafia’ seems to have taken over more and more sports.The suspicions of bribing have for a long time been ignored by the management of tennis associations, which appears to have further aggravated the matter.There are even suspicions about some of the matches in the Wimbledon tour.

The tour held on the London grass fields is renowned for the rigid proceedings and overall strictness dating back to the first tour ever held. These such accusations are to create genuine dismay in the world of professional tennis.

It is up to the managers of WTA, ATP and ITF to solve this matter as soon as possible.

Tennis still remains a unique sport where honor is considered an indisputable value and the respect shown to one’s competitors is mandatory.

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