Serena Williams, at 34 years old, has reached a critical juncturein her career. In recent monthshealth problems have kept her off the Tennis court. Since September last year Serena has played in a few exhibition matches in Asia. The beginning of 2016 showed us that her problems are far from over. At theHopman Cup she was forced to quit the game during the second set. It was clear to everyone that her knee is still fragile, and she`s not ready to play at her maximum efficiency. And now, due to her medical issues,her participation at the upcoming Australian Openis questionable.

2015 Season - race for records that proved to be physically exhausting

During last season Serena threw inlots of resources, both physical and mental. She completed an exceptional season with only 3 defeats and 53 wins. She won three Grand Slam tournaments, and at the US Open lost surprisingly in the semifinals. Basically, since then, Serena has not played any official match except for some appearances for charity.

She wanted to end the 2015 season with an absolute record -winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in one season -but saw her dream broken apart during the semifinal of the US Open. Roberta Vinci, located at the time outside the top 40 in the WTA rankings, succeeded inthe game of her life; although Serena was leading by a set and everyone saw Vinci as a sure victim, theItalian player miraculously managed to turn the game in her favor.That defeat wasa reason for Serena`s resignation.

Serena may lose No.1 WTA in the next months

At the moment Serana has a reassuring lead of nearly 4,000 points in the WTA ranking. According to that ranking her main opponent right now is Simona Halep. If Serena doesn`t participate in the Australian Openshe will lose points gained last year (2000 points - she won the trophy in 2015).

If Halep wins will receive 2000 points. Thus the gap between them will be closed. This is only a speculative calculation, but if Serena misses the Australian Open other competitors would be able to start narrowing her formerly commanding lead.

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