The St. Louis Rams are working with a year to year lease in St. Louis for the Edward Jones Dome because they are one of three teams putting in a team relocation request to move to the Los Angeles area.The Oakland Raiders, as well as the San Diego Chargers, are two other teams that have put in a team relocation request, also to move to the Los Angeles area. The Raiders announced their decision to put in the team relocation request on their website.

They said the team would stay in touch with the NFL league officials and team owners as to the results, which are scheduled to be voted on at a meetingin Houston, Texas which may come next week.

The majority of the experts think that the teams leading the pack to make such a move to Los Angeles are the Raiders and Chargers.

Statements by teams for team relocation request spell out details

The Rams said that they had told the NFL that their relocation plan, if approved, would take place during the 2016 NFL League Year. The Raiders and Chargers have made a proposal for building a stadium in Carson, but the Rams want to put their stadium in Inglewood.

The Chargers team was previously in negotiations with San Diego, and the team has been arguing with City Hall since 2000. Alex Spanos, the team’s owner, told them they needed a new stadium.

The St. Louis Rams stated their reason for wanting to go to Los Angeles was because the St.

Louis market was bad, as well as the attendance at their games. They also said that St. Louis stadium officials didn’t keep their promise to provide them a "first-tier" stadium in St. Louis when they made the move there. Rams’ owner Stanley Kroenke doesn’t feel that the city has lived up to that.

The Raiders have made no comment as to their reasons for a move.

NFL says it will only support one new stadium in LA area

The NFL has put out that it will only support one new stadiumin the Los Angeles area that would be shared by two teams. At least 24 votes are needed for approval. Additionally,there are two distinct proposals for stadiums: one in Inglewood and one in Carson.

There's a lot to be considered for each team's relocation request, and most of it comes down to money for the NFL, and which move will be more profitable.

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