A few years back, Dunn and Bradstreet, uh, Penn and Teller famously predicted the score of a Super Bowl game. I can do that. In fact anybody can predict a score. Getting the prediction right is another problem.

I know the score of every #superbowlscore BEFORE kickoff. It's zero to zero. That's not hard. Har har har.

Those guys, Penn & Teller, predicted BEFORE a Super Bowl game started what the score would be AFTER the game was completed. I can't do that. Well, I can make a prediction with best of them. But they got the score right.

So ... instead of predicting the score, here I am telling you where the #superbowlgameball is headed BEFORE Super Bowl 50 kickoff.

Super Bowl L Game Ball Is Headed To

Drum roll, please.

I know the answer to this question because I saw a big semi truck carrying the balls to their destination this morning while I was at the gym.

The game balls are headed to Levi's Stadium, about 3 miles from where I am sitting in Santa Clara. About 4 miles from Google HQ, 8 miles from Facebook HQ, 4 miles from LinkedIn HQ, 3 miles from Yahoo! and 3 miles from my house.

But what I don't know, and maybe the readers here can help me out is who were those people in the truck trailing behind them waving ball pumps out the window? And shouting in a New England accent?

Who Are the Last 10 Super Bowl MVPS

The last 10 Super Bowl Game Ball recipients:

40 - Hines Ward, WR -Big Ben needs big receivers to win.

41 - Peyton Manning, QB

42 - Eli Manning, QB - Archie moved the ball from Peyton's bedroom to Eli's and the kids stopped fighting.

43 - Santonio Holmes, WR - see #40

44 - Drew Brees, QB

45 - Aaron Rodgers, QB

46 - Eli Manning, QB - Peyton aims to get even this year.

47 - Joe Flacco, QB

48 - Malcom Smith, LB

49 - Tom Brady, QB

Seven out of last 10 recipients were quarterbacks.

There's a pretty good chance that Super Bowl L will go to a quarterback as well. Peyton needs to get even to stop the fighting again.

I can figure this - if the #Broncoswin, they'll give the game ball to the old guy - Peyton Manning.

If the#Pantherswin, they'll give the #superbowlgameball to the kid - Cam Newton.

Who do you think will get the game ball if it's NOT a quarterback?

Take a stab at guessing. You know you want to.

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