TCU fans had something major to cheer about during Saturday’s Alamo Bowl game in San Antonio, as Oregon squandered a big lead of 31 points, and TCU came away with a win over Oregon by a score of 47-41.As Oregon blew a big lead, the 31-point comeback ended up tying a bowl game record from 2006 set by the Texas Tech team against Minnesota in the Insight Bowl.

After losing Adams, Oregon blows a big lead

The Oregon Ducks started off the game doing very well against TCU. They got a big head start via quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. but he was injured during the second quarter with a hard hit to the head and he was taken out of the game.

Oregon, who was 9-4 in regular play, ended up with a 28-0 lead behind Adams, and was 31 points ahead by halftime. Adams passed for 197 yards, as well as a touchdown. He was able to lead the Ducks to four touchdown drives in a row, managing to elude getting sacked.But, he knocked heads with Derrick Kindred (the TCU linebacker), and Oregon blew the lead after he left the game. Even though teammate Jeff Lockie managed a field goal that made the score 31-0 at halftime, things stalled for the Ducks after that.

TCU scores on all 2nd half possessions

The Horned Frogs began their rally to get ahead of the Ducks by getting 17 points in the third quarter, two times getting a touchdown on a 4th down. Then, Jaden Oberkrom kicked a 22-yard field goal with only 19 seconds left in regulation to tie the game.

TCU scored first during the first overtime as Bram Kohlhausen hit Emanauel Porter to get a seven-yard touchdown.

Oregon then came back with Royce Freeman getting a third touchdown run. Both teams got field goals during the second overtime. Then Kohlhausen slipped around the right end, vanished behind his blockers and got into the end zone.

Oregon failed its last attempt to tie the game, ending with them getting an incomplete pass on a 4th down close to the goal line.

The Horned Frogs pulled off a comeback for the ages as they beat the Ducks by a final score of 47-41.

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