Mississippi fans were rejoicing Friday night as their team was the 2015 Sugar Bowl winner over Oklahoma State by a score of 48 to 20. Ole Miss fans can thank the usual great playing of Chad Kelly’s touchdown passes to wide receiver Laquon Treadwell. The Sugar Bowl winner also threw a surprise into the mix that helped clinch the victory.

That surprise occurred when left tackle Laremy Tunsil snatched a lateral pass and ran untouched right into the end zone. At 6’5” and 305 pounds, Tunsil was the last person expected to be making touchdown runs. The move shocked many, including the defensive line of the Cowboys.

The play helped the Sugar Bowl winner, Ole Miss, No. 16 in the league, win over No. 13 Oklahoma State. It also puts the Southern Conference at 6-2 for this season’s bowl games and three teams have yet to play.

Ole Miss Rebels revealed lots of playbook moxie as Sugar Bowl winner

The Rebels, who are 10-3, showed a lot of playbook moxie on their way to become the Sugar Bowl winner. The team was ahead by a score of 34 - 6 at the halftime mark. They kept the Cowboys wondering what was up during the game by combining their usual offensive moves with several new tricks.

Ole Miss’ coach, Hugh Freeze, was very emotional about the team’s win. He said that the players had been well-prepared and that he was very confident all day about their chances.

He said after the game that they had all had “a blast.”

Kelly Sugar Bowl Most Valuable Player

Quarterback Chad Kelly was picked as the Sugar Bowl MVP for throwing 302 yards and four touchdowns. Three of the touchdown passes were to Laquon Treadwell. Kelly said that they came together great during the game and played extremely well.

His four touchdown passes and the three touchdown catches by Treadwell tied some Sugar Bowl game records. Additionally, Kelly completed 21 of 33 passes, as well as running for 73 yards on 10 carries.

It was a hard ending for the Oklahoma State team, as they had begun the season well with 10 wins in a row, but then lost to Baylor and Oklahoma.

The Cowboys managed to score first with a field goal but after that they just weren’t able to mount much of a defense against Kelly and Treadwell. With this being the first return trip to the Sugar Bowl for Ole Miss since 1970, the taste is sweet for Rebels fans to come out on top as the Sugar Bowl winner.

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