If you're a fan of the St. Louis Rams, the NFL has good News and lousy news for you. The good news is that you can still root for your Rams. The terrible news is that you will need a plane ticket to get from St. Louis to Los Angeles to watch them play. Earlier in the week, current owner Stan Kroenkeannounced that he's moving the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, California.

The Kroenke family is headed to California

The Kroenke family is only doing what the Clampett family did in the legendary 60's comedy called the Beverly Hillbillies. Like the Clampetts, the Kroenke family are heading west for a better life.

According to the Friday edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, angry fans have sued the team. In 2010, Kroenke told the Post “It’s not our desire to ever lead the charge out of St. Louis.” Angry fans feel like they have supported the team with their ticket and concession sales. Fans must realize the NFL is a business. They don’t play for the “fun of the game.”

The NFL is chasing the big money like any other corporation

The NFL is a greedy corporation that craves cash. Sports teams only exist to make money. The model just makes business sense. If you expect loyalty from any sports team owner, prepare to be disappointed. Professional sports teams don’t base their decisions on emotional ties. For instance, Former NFL players Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Jerry Rice, and Joe Namath spent their final years playing on other teams.

Nonetheless, their teams still discarded them like yesterday’s news.

Although heartless to fans, a team accountant sitting at a desk crunching numbers likely decided that these players' no longer had any value. Rams fans should remember that Kroenke wanted the team to stay in Missouri at one time, but, owners have to move with the times.

Kroenke is putting his own money on the line with the move, and he stands to lose more than anyone.

He likely didn’t become a billionaire by worrying about hurting feelings or becoming enamored with any city or fan base. With professional sports team owners and business tycoons, they're focused on earning their next dollar.

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