Basketball player Lamar Odom was discharged from the Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California this week. He was moved into a rehab center three months after being found unconscious at a brothel in Nevada after binging on alcohol and drugs.Lamar Odom was discharged Wednesday and Khloe Kardashian (his estranged spouse) transferred him in secret so there wouldn’t be a lot of unwanted attention. Even his family wasn’t aware of the transfer. Odom (36) will likely be kept at the facility for an unknown period of time until he recovers enough to live at home.

Recovery said to be slow

Khloe has so far cancelled the pair’s divorce plans until Odom recovers so that she can keep making medical decisions for him.

He apparently is starting to get better,but it’s expected to be a long recovery process, according to experts.His family has reported that he is transitioning to the next stage of his recovery. He was found unresponsive at brothel in Nevada on October 13th, where he allegedly used cocaine, according to 911 dispatchers. However, the brothel owner denied any drugs being on the premises and claimed Odom must have partied in Las Vegas prior to coming there.

Rehab facility not named, family wants privacy

There hasn’t been any statement that says exactly where the rehab facility is. The family has stated they want privacy, but they have expressed their appreciation for all the thoughts and prayers fans have sent them for Odom’s recovery process.Khloe says that Odom has quite a bit of both physical and cognitive therapy to undergo, and that it will be a long road for him.

She added that some days are better than others, and he's strong at times and weak at others and that the whole process is very mentally draining.

Odom spending time with family

Odom is said to have been spending some of his time with his family, and at Christmas he was with his two children, 13-year-old Lamar Odom Jr.

and 17-year-old daughter Destiny. The two kids visited him in his hospital room.

Later, his kids posted a picture of them with their dad on Instagram, which was the first photo released of Odom since he had been hospitalized. The hope is that now that Lamar Odom has been discharged from the hospital, he will continue to recover at the rehab center.

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