Even though some thought that Chuck Pagano (55) had coached his last game, the Indianapolis Colts made the Pagano contract for four years. They also gave their general manager, Ryan Grigson a new three-year contract. Now, each of them are safe in their jobs until at least the 2019 season.

The Pagano contract came after fighting off a diagnosis of leukemia in 2012, along with convincing owner Jim Irsay to renew his contract this year. Irsay told the media that both men were what was best for the future of the team.

Pagano contract was surprise due to poor season for Colts

Over the last several weeks, it had seemed that there wouldn’t be a new Pagano contract, but on Monday that speculation proved to be false as the players lobbied in support, as well as Colts’ fans.

In fact, fans were tweeting and using the hashtag #Chuckstay (which was a spin-off from another hashtag #Chuckstrong that had been popular while he was getting chemo for his leukemiain 2012).Some thought he wouldn’t continue to be with the team, especially after he didn’t accept a one-year extension offer given to him in the last off-season.

Pagano thanked Irsay, grateful for chance to stay with team

In answer to being given the new contract, Pagano thanked Irsay and said that it was the best day of his life, and he thanked him for the opportunity. The Colt’s season this year has not been the easiest for anyone.

Quarterback Andrew Luck was injured and had to miss nine games, and the team lost backup player Matt Hasselbeck, as well as 3rd string Charlie Whitehurst for the season-ending game.

However, Pagano was still able to get a win in the finale by using two debuting quarterbacks, and that ended the season with a record of 8-8.

Grigson says team is set on getting a championship

Grigson added his two cents, saying that they and the team had been through the ringer together, and that everyone was still focused on the goal of getting a championship.

As the Colts sign Pagano for four more years and Grigson for three more years, they still have plenty of room to work.

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