The two giants ofmen’s professional Tennis may come across each other in one of the semifinals in the Melbourne tournament. After the draw, many fans have been breathlessly awaiting a potential duel between the two tennis champions. Both players are only one step away from meeting in a direct contest: getting past the quarterfinals. Federer will meet the Czech player Thomas Berdych, top seed number 6, whereas Novak Djokovicwill have the Japanese player Kei Nishikori, top seed number 7.

Over the past year, Federer was undoubtedly dominated by the world leader’s aggressive playing. The Serbian player managed to defeat Federer in two Grand Slamfinals in the past season, at the US Open and in Wimbledon.

The only performance of Federer against Djokovic was recorded in the final of the Cincinnati Masters tournament.

However, Federer made a few changes to his playing strategy. If over the past years, while he was trained by the renowned former player Stefan Edberg, Federer displayed a game mainly based on a strong service and an aggressive play at the net, following the replacement of Edberg with Ivan Ljubicic there was an obvious change of approach.

This change is easily noticeable for those who usually watch Federer’s games. In yesterday’s game with David Goffin in the 4th round, Federer exhibited a different strategy. If up until now his famous backhand hit used to be executed in Federer’s renowned style, namely with a lot of top-spin, in the game against D.

Goffin, Federer displayed a series of direct hit, flat, no-height backhands, thus disarming the Belgian player. The influence of Ljubicic, the former 3rd position in the ATP ranking, is clearly noticeable. In his games, the Croatian used to hit a lot of such backhands.

Federer’s game currently combines in an excellent manner both Edberg’s influence(the serve-and-volley based game), and the aggressiveness behind the baseline brought by these backhands.

Federer stands a chance of disarming Djokovicshould they face one another in the Australian Open Semifinals.

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