The Baseball Hall of Fame has two new members, as the Baseball Writers of America Association voted in former Mets pitcher Mike Piazza andoutfielder Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey got the most votes ever for a player being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame with 99.3 percent of the votes, and Mike Piazza received 83 percent of the votes. The voters cast 440 ballots, and both baseball players will be installed in Cooperstown, New York, later on this year on July 24th.

This year the number of possible votes went down by 109 from last year’s total, as writers who don’t keep up and who weren’t active for the past 10 years can’t vote based on the new rules for voting.

2016 Baseball Hall of Fame votes in best of baseball players

The voters are tasked with voting in the eligible baseball players they believe are the most deserving to be in the Hall of Fame. This time around was the fourth year of eligibility for Piazza and the first year of eligibility for Griffey.

Griffey received 437 out of the 440 votes and surpassed Tom Seaver’s 98.84 percentage when he was voted in back in 1992. A player has to get at least 75 percent of the votes in order to be inducted, and some had believed that Griffey could have become the first player to be selected unanimously, and it did come very close with 99.3 percent.Griffey said it was an honor to be elected to be in Cooperstown, and it was a shock to get the top percentage of all-time.

Piazza on previous ballot gets enough votes this year

Piazza was in his fourth year of eligibility. He was 28 votes shy of getting elected last year, but this year he managed to make the cut to get voted in.Some of the other baseball players attempting to get into the Hall of Fame that didn't quite make the cut this year includeJeff Bagwell (who was short 15 votes),Tim Raines(who was short 23), and Trevor Hoffman, (short 34 votes in his first year of eligibility to be inducted).

The actual induction ceremony won't be held until this Summer, but, nonetheless, congratulations are certainly in order for Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza.

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