There are many things coming that will change the Miami Dolphins in the next few months, as GM Dennis Hickey leaves. His departure comes after two years with the Dolphins and is part of the team’s plan to restructure.GM Dennis Hickey leaves on the eve of the team’s season finale against New England. During his tenure, the team was 8-8 last year and fell to 5-10 this season. Part of the reason is credited to draft choices that were not very productive, as well as some other personnel moves that ended up not being successful while Hickey has been in charge.

Departure is said to be mutual

The departure of Hickey as the team’s general manager is said to be mutual, according to statements from Hickey and Mike Tannenbaum, the executive vice president of Football operations.

Hickey says that he and the team had several conversations and agreed that it would be better if they parted ways.As GM Dennis Hickey leaves it is not seen as a surprise, and the team expects other changes as well. For instance, even though Tannenbaum is staying after a year with the Dolphins, the team is said to be looking to hire its 9th head coach since 2004. The team interviewed interim coach Dan Campbell, however, Campbell is not expected to be back next year.

Grier lead candidate for Hickey’s job as general manager

The lead candidate for Hickey’s job as general manager is Chris Grier, the director of college scouting. Grier has been with the team sixteen seasons and it’s also expected that Tannenbaum will possibly be taking on a more active role in the team’s personnel decisions.

Hickey had his role lessened after Tannenbaum got hired, as the draft choices Hickey made in both 2014 and 2015 were questionable. In 2014, tackle Ja’Wuan James and receiver Jarvis Landry were starters, but no rookie picked in 2015 made any major impact. Plus, there were several unproductive free agent signings as well in the past two years, and Tannenbaum was the lead in the signing of the free agent Ndamukong Suh, who got a $114 million deal.

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