The San Francisco Giants sign Denard Span to a $31 million, three-year contract, thus, giving the team the new outfielder and leadoff hitter they needed. The team plans to introduce Span officially during a Friday News conference.Giants general manager Bobby Evans said that Span has a good track record and would be a good addition to the team due to his strength and solid hitting. Those are some of the reasons for hiring Span, and Evans says they hope this addition will give the team its best defense and lineup for the 2016 season.

The Giants have spent a lot of money to get some new blood for their team this year.

Along with Span, San Fransisco has also signedpitchers Johnny Cueto for $130 million over six years and Jeff Samardzija for $90 million over five years. They also hired Brandon Crawford as shortstop for $75 million over six years.

Span’s stats include batting .301, five homers, as well as getting 22 RBI's and having a .365 on-base percentage for his play during 61 games last season. However, he did miss some time due to injuries suffered in his back, hip, and right core, but those are expected to be cleared up soon.Span has also stolen 152 bases in his career, and has a career average of hitting .287 and getting .352 for his-on base percentage, with a hitting percentage of .395.

Span plays three outfield slots, will share outfield duties

Span is able to perform in all three outfield slots. He and Angel Pagan are expected to be put into the left and center field slots. Span ranks third amongst all baseball outfielders since 2008 when it comes to putouts per nine innings with a percentage of 2.67.Span could also end up earning as much as five million more over his contract if he performs well in the form of bonuses.

Plus, he has a $12-million-dollar mutual option to play in a 4th season that includes a four million buyout.

As the Giants sign Denard Span, they hope that this acquisition (along with several others) will bolster their chances this coming season.

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