After hearing recommendations for a nine-year ban, the FIFA ethics committee has instead set in place a 45 day Jerome Valcke suspension extension. The decision comes one day after the investigators suggested that an extension be invoked, saying that the Valcke suspension extension should ultimately be nine years for his part in alleged Football corruption events.

The ethics committee -- which is headed by Mr. Hans-Joachim Eckert-- put out a statement saying they had agreed to place the Valcke suspension extension by 45 days due to the request by the investigatory chamber, and the extension will start immediately as of Tuesday.

Valcke suspension extension comes after alleged black market ticket dealings

The ethics committee investigation concentrated on numerous alleged offences, such as Valcke being connected to the black market sales of tickets for the World Cup.The investigatory chamber additionally endorsed imposing a 100,000 Swiss franc fine for the charges, which also included several conflicts of interest, offering favors, accepting favors, and additional benefits.Valcke, in turn, has denied being involved in any sort of misconduct.

Emails, other documents used as evidence against Valcke

Several emails and other documents have been released that suggested Valcke knew about the Swiss marketing business that was selling World Cup and Confederation Cup tickets for nearly five times the original cost.The released documents showed that he had signed off on contracts with JB Sports Marketing AG for category one tickets for several matches.

Additionally, the business said it was part of a profit sharing agreement along with Valcke, but no money ever changed hands.

All data, email turned over to prosecutors by FIFA

The accusations are similarly being examined by the Swiss attorney general, andFIFA gave all of Valcke's emails to prosecutors shortly after Valcke was suspended.

Also, Dr. Cornel Borbely, the chairman of the ethics committee investigatory chamber, gave his report and recommendations on Valcke to the adjudicatory chamber.FIFA put out a statement saying that until the adjudicatory chamber of the ethics committee makes its formal decision, they will presume Valcke is innocent.

Once again, his lawyer said in a statement that Valcke had not done anything wrong and that the FIFA investigative chamber of the ethics was ignoring his tenure of secretary general, and his list of good conduct and contributions.

Valcke’s original expulsion came on September 17th, and he was originally suspended for 90 days (which expired on Monday, January 4th). The 45-day extension began the following day.

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